Divine Diamond Productions
~Where Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend~


Divine Diamond Productions was created in May of 2014. We are not only a Clothing Store but a group looking to bring together amazing designers from all over SL. We want to show people what people can do and express their greatest talents.

We have been fascinated with hunts for a while now and because of that we decided to start our own site with hunts! We want others to enjoy hunting as much as we do!


  Quetzacotyl Resident is one of the two owners for this group! He Is a hardworking individual. He takes pride in making sure his customers are happy with each and every product! Don't be afraid to message him if you ever need any help at all!


Pebbles892 Resident is the second owner of this group! She is an outgoing bubbly person. She is also a photographer in SL and is working to become a professional in real life as well! If you every need help she will respond! If not in the first 24 hours please send a note card and she promises to get that back to you ASAP.